you never know what you gonna get

you never know what you gonna get
life is like a box of chocolate. you never know what you gonna get!

Saturday, July 3, 2010


I once dreamed to be a pilot.

Why? Maybe other people that have the same future goals, have many reasons for that. Wether it's money, pride, or else.

Me? I didn't use to think that way. I simply wanna fly. Fly, up up and away, up and up in the sky. I used to envy the birds. They can go anywhere, anytime they want. All they need is stretch out their wings, and, poof!

Eventhough planes can't easily took off like birds did, but at least it's the closest thing that human can get, in their dream to reach the sky.

And in my vivid imagination, i can imagine myself, surrounded by thick white clouds and light-blue sky. Well err and so many control panel and screen for the plane, though ;)

But as i grow up, i began to change my determination. Yeah, i went to uni, and choose the major that i like WITH so many other consideration. I like it here, but sometimes at my first term my old dream keep showing up in my brain.

One day, i met my mom's old friend. He got his master degree in Engineering. He told me after two year working in somekind of automotive company, he decided to quit and worked in a bank. Why? He said he love his old job, but he was offered a better payment and better facilities in his new office. He said living your dream job is good, but exploring your abilities to the limit is even better. Oh yeah FYI, he has been very scintillating in his position, in bank.

After that talk, as always, my mind start to travel. I thought about sky, pilot, my uni, my friends.

And i began to smile. I guess i gotta find my own 'sky'. Not literally this time, i guess. But it better be better than the real one! :)

*I got an idea to write this post when i was waiting for my mom at the airport, and want to the waving pavilion for the first time of my life! THANKS A BUNCH for visiting my blog, folks..

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