you never know what you gonna get

you never know what you gonna get
life is like a box of chocolate. you never know what you gonna get!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Time is a.. what?

Time is a bitch.

It sure is. You see, i normally don't blame other things that cause me a hard time, but again, time is really a bitch.

Have you ever had those moments when everything, and i mean everything, feels perfectly right? The jobs you have, the great partner you can always cuddle to, the ambiance of a restaurant you went, the whoopsie-smile you put on your face when you found a bank notes on your washed pants.. Man those things really feels good.

But sometimes, those sweet memories can really knock you to the ground when you feel Frustrated, under-pressure, needy and especially.. bored. I bet everybody have had their own adventures, whether it's on a rock-climbing trip or by simply trying to solve a very challenging crossword puzzles. The point is, i feel that sometimes i really need to get out of my daily routine, to this unpredictable situations / place / etc. I kinda did it quite often when i was in college, but i guess now i got no more time to do it.

ah yes, back to.. the time.

I guess life is a little bit tough for me nowadays. I always thought that i'm a real workaholic person that can't get rest before i'm done with my works and stuff (i got too many support from my parents yelling that i was a money-oriented over the line (too)hard worker) but recently it turns out to me that i have some flaws in those picture, and there is one thing i really disappointed about.

Sometimes i tend to get frustrated easily.

I mean, it's not like i havent tried to do or learn some stuff, but i guess i just couldn't do it right, and those things really frustrates me. I always have this big expectations of myself, and i hate not to get at least a B+ on my scoreboard. And i have kept those feelings bottled up, because i realize, i just wanted to be heard. Not getting some 'you can do it, bro' cliche which i deep down know myself that i really can. And this is the real reason i am writing this post right now.

I am filling my own space, and time. 

before time took away my will to spit out all my troubled feelings that has been bothering me for quite a while.

well, for you guys who accidentally read this post, i want to tell you something. this is not a post to nag or grumble or stuff. this is just a post i need to clear up my mind.

piece of an advice : live your moment. live your time. Don't rush things, because it may not be as good as you've imagined. and also, cherish the moments you  have with your loved ones. That's the only way you can always feel her/him when they're not near.

see you soon.. maybe! :)

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